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Why Use Chat on Your Website

Visitors Are At Your Web Site Because They Need Legal Help.

We greet each visitor 24/7, get their information and then send the ones that are
potential clients directly to you via Email, Text or Call Transfer.

LegalChat 24/7 Chat Bubbles

Don’t Let Potential Clients Leave Without Even Saying “HELLO!”

You are spending crazy money on your online advertising. You’ve built websites, landing pages and you’re using Google, Facebook, TV, banner advertisements and everything else just to get people to your website. But have you considered what happens when the potential “million dollar client” gets to your site?


Turn Website Visitors to Clients!

If a potential client walks into your office and your staff did not greet them and they left, would you be upset? Well, get upset… because this is what you are doing when you don’t use LegalChat 24/7 on your websites. Because we are the ONLY chat platform created just for Attorneys, we know exactly how to turn website visitors to potential clients. LegalChat 24/7 Can Increase NEW Client Leads by 185%.

How LegalChat 24/7 Works

LegalChat 24/7 Easy

Chat Live With Site Visitors & Get Client Leads!

Using LegalChat 24/7 on your website is easy. We provide short codes to be installed on your website.

Visitors are greeted with a simple greeting and invited to chat with one of our legal chat specialists. Upon acceptance, the legal chat specialist uses targeted questions to help the user. Ultimately the conversation will address their basic questions and provide you with contact information and case information.

Immediately after the chat, our operator will send you a full transcript of the conversation. Thus ensuring you never miss an opportunity to turn visitors into potential clients.

What’s best? You only pay us for valid leads.

The Only Chat System Designed Solely for Law Firms.

LegalChat 24/7 was created to exclusively serve the needs of law firms. Our professional legal chat operators are trained specifically for legal lead generation and intake.

We work with lawyers in all areas of practice and can customize chat scripts to your specific requirements.

LegalChat 24/7 Live Operators
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Start Using LegalChat 24/7 and

Convert 55% More Website Visitors to Leads with LegalChat 24/7

LegalChat 24/7 Devices

Add Chat = Get More Clients
Increase Your Website Conversion

LegalChat 24/7 is the NEXT Generation Live Chat platform. It has been proven to increase conversion rates for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile users. When a live, legal chat representative greets visitors they are more compelled to share their contact information and case details.

Live Chat Increase Leads Immediately

24/7/365 Client Getting Machine!

Turn Your Website into a Client Getting Machine.  LegalChat 24/7 Staffs Your Site 24/7/365 & Personally Greet EVERY Site Visitor So You Never Lose a High Valued Client AGAIN!


New Leads Law Firms Received Using LegalChat 24/7
Average Increase in Intake in One Year
Estimated Total Dollar Case Value and Counting
LegalChat 24/7

LegalChat 24/7 Features & Benefits

  • Live Chat Monitoring  24/7/365

  • English & Spanish Speaking Operators

  • Chat is a Preferred Method of Communicating

  • Language or Accent Barriers Are Eliminated

  • Easy Lead Verification & Billing

  • Chat Features are Branded to the Look of Your Website

  • Chat Dashboard Login

  • Legal Trained Operators Know How to Convert Visitors

  • Data Export to Integrate to Your CRM

  • Fast Lead Notification Via Email, Text and / or …

  • Live Phone Call Transfer

  • Analytics Integration & Tracking

  • Detailed Monthly Chat Reports

  • Access to Legal Marketing Experts

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